29th and 47th Republican Wards Endorsement

For Immediate Release
February 23, 2015

Philadelphia, PA – The 29th and 47th Republican Wards held their 2015 Primary Municipal endorsements meeting on February 21st. Ward Leaders Adam Lang (29th) and Vandella Goodman (47th) invited all candidates to address the Committeepeople of their wards.

For Mayor, the wards voted to endorse Melissa Murray Bailey.

“She spoke to many issues that are important to residents of North Philadelphia, in particular jobs and schools,” said Vandella Goodman.

For City Council At-Large, the wards unified behind four candidates: Al Taubenberger,Terry Tracy, James Williams and Matthew Wolfe.

“We feel this is an excellent slate of candidates that will represent the City and our Wards very well,” said Adam Lang. “They talk about fighting for the policies we believe in and they show up in the neighborhood when asked.”

For Row Offices, the following endorsements were: Al Schmidt for City Commissioner,Ross Feinberg for Register of Wills and Christopher Sawyer for Sheriff.

“We’re looking forward to re-electing Al Schmidt for the great work he has done in the City Commissioner’s office with increased transparency, ethics and efficiency. Chris Sawyer has been a friend of mine for years and has done wonderful work already in exposing many of the corruption problems taking place under current Sheriff Jewel Williams. Ross Feinberg has some solid positions on how we can make the Register of Wills run more efficiently,” added Lang.

Courtesy of the 29th Ward

Click Here to View 29th Ward Website

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