North Philadelphia Republican Wards Endorsements

James Williams for City Council At-Large receives endorsements from North Philadelphia Republican Wards

Philadelphia- James Williams, Republican candidate for City Council At-Large, has received the endorsement from several North Philadelphia Republican Wards for the Republican Primary Election which will be held on May 19, 2015. The Republican Ward Committees from the following Wards have all endorsed James’ candidacy:

17th Ward- Ogontz
10th Ward- West Oak Lane
16th Ward- Allegheny
13th Ward- Nicetown

On Feb. 23rd, 2015, James received the endorsements of the 47th and 29th Wards, both located in North Philadelphia.

“We sincerely believe that James Williams will bring positive change to our government and will represent the people of Philadelphia honorably.”Kevin Strickland, Republican Ward Leader of the 10th Ward

“His energy and vision will make an important contribution to our community.”Bruce Marshall, Republican Ward Leader of the 13th Ward

“I believe that James has the right vision for Philadelphia. And he understands the needs of the constituents in North and Northwest Philly.”Frances Harris, Republican Ward Leader of the 17th Ward

“His platform on Crime, Taxes, Job Growth, and Education Reform will make Philadelphia a better place to work and live.”Daphne Goggins, Republican Ward Leader of the 16th Ward

As part of his campaign, James has been focusing on education reform, revitalizing the North Philadelphia manufacturing sector, and increasing the police presence in some of Philadelphia’s worst neighborhoods:
“Our police force has been reduced by over 500 officers in the last decade. I don’t see how a reduction in the size of our police force is an effective way to fight crime. We know the neighborhoods where the majority of our violent crimes take place; therefore, we just need to double down on funding enforcement in these neighborhoods.”- James Williams

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