No Fly No Buy!!

Many gun owners’ sole reason for clinging to their gun is their distrust in the federal government. Their distrust in a tyrannical government is universally known, especially by members of Congress.

So, why are these members of Congress suggesting legislation that will be viewed by many as a Trojan Horse tactic?  If that is not the intent of the legislation it’s easily perceived as such. These Congressmen and Congresswoman know the NRA and gun owners are going to, and should, outright reject even the mere thought of a “No Fly No Buy” law. For once, we have an issue that even the ACLU and the NRA are on the same page about.

The members of Congress know that “No Fly No Buy” is unacceptable. Especially, now that America has to come face to face with domestic terrorism in the form of radical Islam and the KKK. And we all know that African Americans have been dealing with the domestic terrorism via the KKK for a little over 100 years. This would be a very quick way to take away your rights without due process, if you’re “suspected” of terror activity.

If you understand Eminent Domain then you can see how this law could go in the wrong direction fast. Imagine eminent domain regarding your rights to travel domestically. This could restrict your ability to own a car because someone drove a car into a Masque with explosives in it and killed 70 people who were worshiping because they were anti-Islamic. Or ride public transportation because a suicide bomber blew up a bus in the Latino part of town because they hated Mexicans. If you’re viewed as a terror suspect and the FBI can convince themselves that your activity increases the possibility of you being a terror risk, these are all justified restrictions. Or you can be on the list due to mistaken identity or right name, wrong person.

I would like to ask the “No Fly No Buy” Congressional Caucus, what is the criteria and process to be added or removed from the “No Fly List” as an American living in America? If you expect for this piece of legislation to be taken seriously, put some serious thought into it and make sure it’s Constitutional!

I agree that we need stricter gun laws in America. I agree we need stricter background checks, a waiting period, and some common sense bi-partisan legislation that does not violate individual rights and freedoms granted by the Constitution. The “No Fly No Buy” concept is unconstitutional and unacceptable. And I personally believe that we need gun reform but this is not the way.

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