Common Sense Gun Rerform

Obviously, there is a serious need for gun reform in America. There’s has been enough legislation in front of congress, for this not to be an issue. But in most of these cases it has been the language in the bill, which has been the main reason for being voted down.

The Republicans own both Houses of Congress, so the language has to be something that many of them can take back to their rural districts, where guns are everything from protection to hunting.

The goal of both parties should be working towards a solutions that doesn’t give law enforcement the ability to violate your rights at a later point in history, due to how the gun laws can be interpreted.

Here is some steps we should consider taking;

1. All individuals that own a gun permit should have it updated annually, and it must be accompanied by the following forms; FBI Background Check, Child Abuse Clearance, and a State Police Criminal Check.

2. When applying for a gun licenses for military weapons; an individual should go through the same background check that is required to enter the US Military. We should check anyone’s history before they’re allowed to own a gun to protect themselves in our society, in the same matter that we do, before someone is armed to protect our society.

The idea of the 2nd amendment was for citizens to be armed in order to form militia’s to protect themselves from tyrannical government, at a time when our army was made up of local militias. The framers wanted individuals to quickly be able to assemble into army to protect our nation at a time when we did not have a professional army.

Now that we have a professional army, it’s only fair that an indidvual go through the same background checks that our army goes thru. No one should want any individual with mental health issues, criminal backgrounds, or who are members of hate groups or religious extremist to be able to own a gun. I believe the military background check would satisfy everyone.

This will cover the mental health issue problem from the right and this will give piece of mind to the left. So, my opinion is this, if your background and mental stability acceptable enough to be cleared to hold a gun in defense of this country, than you should be able to own a gun in this country.

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